Client Support

Clients' services are agreed with us through a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  This states how we establish and support the services you use. Within your agreement are a set of schedules Any new work to establish or configure your services (Schedule 1), the services you use (Schedule 2), the service levels we guarantee (Schedule 3) and the fees you pay for the services (Schedule 4).

Who to contact, response times for fault diagnosis and fix and overall service availability are warrantied as detailed in your contract. In addition, regular review of client services and service changes can be added (as additional services) to the standard services


standard services The standard services (so called because they have standard prices) are supported by telephone and email for fault reporting, change requests and enquiries concerning service devleopments or operation. The support is for staff of the client's organisation in all aspects of operating the services and adapting them to the client's business needs
enhanced services These services provide service levels over and above that offered as standard.  They are typically required where the client needs support to be provided outside normal working hours or for third-party users of the site
additional services These services are not usually needed on a regular basis or are specific to individual client's needs.  They used where management, technical or administrative labour resources are required by the client and not included in a standard service.