web services for charities

TLR's charitable IT services are provided using the systems and technology produced at our "everysite" offices in Edinburgh where we have been producing our suite of software services since 2004. The "EBlocks" platform offers cutting edge Asset and Entity management services for Web Sites, Membership Systems, Communications, Content Management, Compliance Services, e-Commerce and Business Process Management.

Services are structured into products with standard prices. These are described in the pages in this section where details of both the services and the way they are hosted and supported is given. 

To build a web presence, these services are configured and styled to your requirements and may be added to by additional services.  We arrange your hosting on our shared servers. Commercial Clients can also opt for a dedicated server or a server they own.  Redundant servers and disaster recovery systems can be supplied as can enhanced service levels for activities such as out of hours support, consultancy services and business reviews.