Membership Systems

Membership systems provide you with the ability to identify users (though usernames, passwords and email addresses). This is needed when you want to control access to information, communicate with individual users and organisations and allow allow users to customise their services.  We provide systems that record and link the details of organisations, companies, sites and contacts. 

Commercial users use our workflow technology on a membership system to automate a wide range of business processes. For example, in application and renewal processes. These can take an applicant or member through from initial contact through payment to completion, automatically issuing letters, reminders and invoices as necessary. Once approved, applicants can sign in to your website, manage their membership details and business profiles and also receive targetted information about your business and services.

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per month

membership management System rights controls for registering, editing and managing the details of companies, sites and contacts and their membership of service access groups.  Includes registration, log-in, log out, change pasword, lost password, secure content areas,. £64.13
business workflows Automated business processes applied to companies or individuals and associated service access groups. Used for membership applications, renewals, actions plans and wide range of data collection, validation, integration and distribution services. £98.07