Data Collection

Gather data or collect feedback from your users through our online questionnaires and audits. Use our online standards editor to create questionnaires. Choose from over thirty pre-defined question templates, or assemble a custom question with precisely the fields you need to capture the information required.  Add guidance and links to external data to assist users.

The on-line questionnaire service provides a simple to use interface that can handle large data sets through questioonnaire sections and composite questions. As well as simple yes / no or multiple choice questions these can capture complex data with full validation and guidance on how to answer each question.  Answers are stored securely on your server and are available to you for download and analyse.

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per month

online standard Online editing and publishing tools for managing the text and references of an online certification standard.  Questionnaire templates and design tools.  Revision workflows, publishing controls and notification systems. £70.75
online audit Secure online self-assessment audit system for membership organisations. Audit completion, revision and post assessment workflows. Questions, answer choices and linked guidance. Response and membership status downloads and checkers. £205.75
online guidance library Online library of guidance dcouments linked to a certification standard. £205.75