Hosting & Backup

We offer hosting to all of our clients on our shared server platform, an independent server platform or a server you operate.  With our shared server platform your site is located in a secure London data centre with top-of-the-range Tier 1 Internet connectivity, firewall protection and 24/7 maintenance support.. This is a managed service so any hardware or connection faults receive immediate attention and the server is kept up-to-date with the latest software and security patches. Backups of your website and data are taken nightly and stored off-site in a secure facility for disaster protection.

For high-volume websites or clients with particularly sensitive data we can offer hosting on a managed dedicated server. Your site is kept on a separate server with its own databases. The hosting, security and backup arrangements are exactly the same as for our shared platform. For websites that must be available around-the-clock, we can work with our ISP to develop a custom hosting package involving mirrored or clustered servers for total reliability.



per month

hosting Internet hosting, backup and security of client web-pages and services.  Internet connections, firewall, server operating system and common applications software maintenance.


data All data created and stored in our standard services, e.g. memberships, communications, directories, documents, images and page content no charge

eblocks licensing

basic < 50 entities; 500 assets £2.66
small business < 100 entities 2,500 assets £14.48
business < 250 entities 5,000 assets £32.38
community < 1,000 entities 10,000 assets £117.08
professional < 3,000 entities 20,000 assets £261.05
unlimited   £387.08