Early in 2002 a group of St Albans residents decided that the signal box at the end of their road had been left to decay for 25 years too many. It could surely be put to a better use than a pigeon nesting box (they got in through the cracks in the boards).

So we looked at possibilities and talked to a few people and the end result was a determination to save the Grade 2 listed signal box, as the only other alternative was to let it disintegrate. We also discovered that it has a rare 1906 Midland Railway 'tumbler' interlocking lever frame.

In order to accomplish this goal, we formed a Building Preservation Trust. As a registered charity, we have been awarded grants which have enabled us to lease the signal box from Network Rail and restore it.

The building has been structurally restored, painted and rewired and is now a valued community resource and heritage attraction. It has been recognised with awards from several bodies.

This lever frame is restored to working condition and a simulated signalling system replicates the procedures used in the box's working life. The 'locking' room on the ground floor has been turned into a museum and new toilet facilities installed. Much work has already gone into the surrounding land turning it into a 'signalman's garden'.


The Trust was established by volunteers to restore and preserve the St Albans South signal box
(Grade II listed) as part of our railway and architectural heritage.


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